Weekly Wishes #3

Monday, 29 December 2014

Bonjour everybody!

No, I haven't turned French, nor am I taking lessons. Left that one far behind of the days of GCSE's!

It is a Monday which means, one thing.. Weekly Wishes time!

If you don't know about The Weekly-Wishes Link-up, then you can find it here!

The Nectar Collective

This week well and truly sucked!

Last Week's Weekly Wishes:

1) Schedule some Blog Posts - Well.. I planned one post after I wrote the last Weekly Wishes post. So that is kinda completed.. no?

2) Go Out! - This one did not happen what so ever! I was invited out for drinks on Christmas Eve, but turned them down as I was still wrapping up presents! Since then I have arranged to meet a few people, so hopefully I will get out haha!

This Week's Weekly Wishes:

1) Possibly.. purchase the Zoeva Brush Set - I know this isn't exactly a goal.. but I really need some new brushes and, well, they are so so pretty!

2) Blog post writing - Come on Becks, let's get motivated and write some posts! I have some brilliant ideas, just need to find some time to write!

3) Say goodbye to 2014 - I have a feeling that I am going out for this one.. what to wear?!

Round of applause, for the girl who completed her goals!
Oh wait, not me? *sigh*

Until next week, wish me luck!

Becky x

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