Blog Love Tuesday #5

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Good day!

Welcome back, for today is Blog Love Tuesday! 
Each week I will be sharing with you a blog that I am loving and want to share with you.
Feel free to join in, there are no rules and all you have to do is include this badge so others can join in to!
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This week's blog is...

Some will not be surprised by this choice at all, but Beth is honestly one of my best bloggers that I have had the pleasure of 'meeting' in the blogging community!

In fact, I came across Beth the same time I found Suzy, Caitlin and many others who I chat to regularly. :)

Out of everyone that I have met through blogging, Beth is the only one that I chat with outside the blog world, so far ;)
If I need a rant, she is there. 
If I need any advice on things, you guessed it. She is there!
To be honestly, Beth is a really good friend to me and I wouldn't wish it any other way.

Anyway, enough of me raving about my new friendship. I need to tell you about her blog!
Beth is the most creative and imaginative person I know when it comes to writing her posts. 
The most popular series Beth did was the 100 looks in 100 days. She came out with the most beautiful looks you could think of, though I am still waiting on the Unicorn look, I reckon it would catch on! Haha

Because of Beth's love for make-up, it is down to her who points me in the right direction. Her tutorials on YouTube are so easy to follow and she uses affordable products. :)

If you are not following Beth already, then you really should guys. You can find her on Twitter, Bloglovin' , YouTube and Instagram

Hopefully this year I will be meeting Beth in February which will be a bunch of mixed emotions :)

Let me know what Blogs you are loving this week in the comments below,

Until next time, 


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