Your Holiday Tips Needed;

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Right, this is a post I thought I would never write at all, let alone to say I'm visiting a certain holiday hot spot.
If you follow me on Twitter, you would of probably read that.. 

I'm off to Ibiza!

Yes, that's right. Little me, the one that hates crowds, doesn't drink because my mind goes into over drive into possible scenarios, is off to THE partying place in the world, in less than a month!
If you are thinking, 'oh, she probably won't go' 
Think again,  flights and hotel are booked. No turning back now!


Once I clicked confirm the other night, hundreds of feelings rushed through me. From excitement, the sick nervous feeling and eventually the 'What the hell have I done!" 
But you know what, this is a huge HUGE deal for me and a great big achievement. I may come home having the worst experience, but I won't care.. I've done something I thought I would never do. 

I really should thank my best friend C, who is coming with me. She know's how I 'work' and has promised that we won't go partying every night. This is also my first holiday in 6 years, so I will want to relax also :)

So, what I need right now is your tips. Have you been to Ibiza or maybe a country that is known for partying? Do you have any good tips I need to know, or places I need to visit?
Leave your comments below :)

See you around, 

B x

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