Madison Reed; Have you read your Hair-O-Scope yet?

Thursday, 22 October 2015

I'm not one for reading my horoscopes in magazines and papers, however on the very rare occasion where I've found myself reading them, I have ended up confused and amazed.
However, can your Hair-O-Scope help you choose what hair style suits your personality and the outcome of your day. According to Madison Reed 'a do that's on point is often the difference between a good or a bad day', with this in mind I went to see what the stars had in store for me and my hair.

Based in the USA, Madison Reed are revolutionising the method of colouring your hair at home. And while they are creating wonderful products, they have also been creating their own Hair-O-Scopes over on their blog.

Before I can start reading, I need to decide whether I'm a Taurus or an Aries, which is quite ironic in the sense that I am never easy to make up my mind. Always flitting between the two.
My birthday is the 20th April, not hinting or anything, and somehow sits in-between the two signs. Therefore, depending on which one holds the good news, I will believe in that one, to a certain extent anyway.

With this in mind, I visited the Madison Reed website and low and behold, by birthday was on both Taurus and Aries...

After much thought, I really am an Aries which is explained in full on their blog post;

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
It's no mistake that you're one of the fire signs, awe-inspiring Aries. Ruled by the planet of energy and the mythological god of war, you were born to be fierce. You shine in the spotlight, and everyone wants you in their team (they certainly don't want to be your opponent!).
Keep that energy positive by adding rich, vibrant tones to your luscious mane. They'll showcase the depth and dimension you have in spades. Or channel that prima donna ballerina discipline and pull it all back into a sleek side bun for days when nothing should get in your way.

I've noticed that when I want to get things done or challenging task is ahead, I will tie my hair back. Maybe I feel like it will help me get things done.
Once knowing that I should go for more rich and vibrant tones, I then headed over to their hair-dye advisor page.

Rather than flicking through their colour options, they have a fun small quiz asking you questions like what skin tone you are and whether you have treated your hair before.
After asking a few questions, they will give you their personal recommendations on what colour you should go for. One instantly caught my eye, especially with my up coming hair appointment.

While I've not used Madison Reed products, I found the process of looking for a hair colour  quite fun and user friendly. My attention span isn't great so for a website to ask me a few quick questions and have recommendations within seconds was great!
However, despite being surprised by the slight accuracy of the Hair-O-Scope, I think I'll stay away from horoscopes for the time being. Though do let me know what your thoughts are on my recent hair change. Also go ahead and check out your Hair-O-Scope! :)

Until next time 

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