Blogmas Day 7; Things I love about Christmas

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas is not normally a day I particularly love, and this will be explained in an upcoming post. However, if there is one thing I love about Christmas it would have to be the advent calendars that, in recent years, are becoming the most popular thing.
Go back a few years, and advent calendars where also the chocolate variety or, in our house, a fabric tree that hung on the back of the door and my brother and I would take it in turns to put a fabric decoration on the tree as a countdown.
Now a days, companies have jumped on the cash cow and produced advent calendars, from beauty products to building Lego scenes, there is an advent for everyone.

I've never been lucky enough to get hold of a beauty calendar, but I have this year been given a Gingerbread calendar.

Each morning I get a lovely, soft piece of gingerbread right up until the 24th December and they get bigger as the days go along.

Please do join in with Blogmas, it's never too late. Here is what is yet to come!

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