Blogmas Day 6: Practical Gifts for Bloggers

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Friendships of any kind are special, however when you meet someone through blogging or YouTube a sense of excitement fills when you've found someone who shares the hobby you love!
Combine the friendship with the tradition of giving at Christmas and you will definitely need a few ideas of what to get your blogging friend.
These are just a few ideas, you may find more affordable alternatives or have different ideas.
What have you got your blogging friends this year or in the past?
Share your gift ideas in the comment box below

1. Notebooks and stationary are essential for plotting ideas on the go.  You can find some cute items in all stationary shops, my favourite being Paperchase!

2. If there is one purchase that I have enjoyed myself, its my Filofax. Being able to diarise when I want a blog post up, and when I should start writing has helped so much. You can buy these online and have sales regularly. Alternatively, a normal diary is just as useful and cute.

3. Another useful item for blogging is the use of a camera. I'm not saying spend a huge amount on a portable digital camera, but what about a memory card, go old school and buy some disposable cameras, or, and my favourite, buy these awesome magnetic Instax films.

4. Along with a camera, and especially with the poor lighting, it may be worth gifting a light. I managed to find a ring light for about £25, and is so good to use. Check online to find the bargains.

5. This is by far my favourite idea, a box full of props. This where you can set yourself a budget and go crazy in filling it with background paper, battery powered lights. Basically anything that will help your friend when taking their photos.

Please do join in with Blogmas, it's never too late. Here is what is yet to come!

    *Due to my internet being silly and my work becoming slightly more hectic, Blogmas posts are delayed by 3 days. I will try my best to get them all up before the end of the year!*

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