Weekly Wishes #8

Monday, 30 September 2013

Well guys what a week, and I’m so glad its Monday so I can share with you!
Firstly, thanks to Melyssa for choosing my ‘innocence’ picture of Bramble, and thank you for your lovely comments about her.
She is a cute thing, just waiting for her to knaw right through her cage. Soon her whole cage will be made of duck tape!
This weeks photo choice is ‘Happiness’.
I thought long and hard about this and the photo I've chosen is this one.

As I’m currently sat in the garden enjoying the last minutes of the sun, to me this is happiness. Just sitting here, not doing anything. Nothing to worry about..yet!
However, when I'm truely happy is when I'm listening to my favourite band, Coldplay, live. The quality of the photo is poor, but I was dancing around too much!

The Nectar Collective

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This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!
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So what was last week's Weekly Wish?: Blog Commenting.

Wow, what a challenge I set myself this week eh? I'm very very very happy to say I've completed it. It only took me 2 and half days, but I did it! yaya!
I commented on every single blog that linked up to Melyssa's link up, and you know what? I'm glad I did!
I read blogs that I thought I would never read, and because of this I intend to follow on BlogLovin'.
The best bit about all of this was the feedback! I've never received so many email notifications in one week! It was so motivating to read what you guys put! 
The even better bit, and I am extremely excited about this! Drum roll please!...
Because of my commenting spree, I have been asked to contribute to an Events Website!!
Eeek, hopefully I will be linking my posts onto my Blog as my contributions to the website will be about weddings and parties.
So I really do recommend commenting. You never know, who see's it and what the outcome may be! :)

What is this week's Weekly Wish?: Car Washing. Research and Blog Posting.

After this week's successful wish, I thought I would take it easy. I'm only working at the weekend this week, so will take the opportunity to sit back, and relax-ish! While squeezing in some important things.
My car needs a good clean - Quick Update: I brought a black Nissan Micra Convertible last month. :) 
I need to start researching for my assignments at uni. I've decided to research about the origins of weddings.. aha!
And finally get some Blog posts done, for both here and the website (When I have my first post up over there, I'll link up!)  :)

So what are your Weekly Wishes this week?

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