Weekly Wishes #16

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hello everyone!

So as promised I am back to blogging and I honestly can not believe that a whole week has gone by!
As per the norm, I am linking up with The Nectar Collective! :)

The Nectar Collective

Last week's Weekly Wishes:

Complete my latest paper - All done! I finished it last night and will be handing it in sometime this week. I now get to focus on my big dissertation paper!

Video edit and upload to YouTube - I was on a roll this week, this task was completed and you can watch it here :)

Think of ideas for my Blog's birthday! - Ok, so I didn't manage to complete this one, but I did think long and hard. Since I am in the process of finishing my degree, I honestly have no time to think of a giveaway prize. :( I will be doing something later on in the year, but for the time being I will be saying a MASSIVE thank you :)

This week's Weekly Wish:

Just like last week, they are going to be boring!

  • Keep working on my Dissertation paper. 
  • Watch Frozen - Yup, I brought the DVD but kept saying to myself to finish a paper before I watched it!
  • Try and relax at least once!

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