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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

In recent months I have seen a lot of hate on Twitter directed to bloggers and YouTubers. Not just the well-known ones (Zoella to name one) but the ones that are starting off with a small part of the internet and have big ambitions to make their small part, huge.
If you've not noticed this hate circulating, count yourself lucky from the frustration and countless headaches I've had.

People say that the hate has only just recently started happening, na uh! This has been round for years and years! I may of started this blog last April, but I was not born yesterday.
The internet can be a cruel place, but what empowers us to get through this hate is to ignore it and not give it the time of day.
Easier said than done, I know. But honestly, just don't retaliate.

What happened to the times when Bloggers and Vloggers would empower and support their community, eh? We all had nice, positive things to say, to help motivate people to carry on their hobby and enjoy what they love.

That is why I am starting a new thing*

Each Tuesday, the feature #bloglovetuesday will take pride of place on Becky B Blog.
I will be chosing one blog that I absolutely love and enjoyed reading.
I'll also be throwing in a song, because I'm amazing! ;)

This week I've chosen REM - Shiny Happy People. Song is upbeat, need I say more?! Most def puts a smile on my face; and I'm not talking about the delightful costumes! ;)
This is my chance of showing you guys the talent that has put a smile on my face that week. Where do you come in? I want you lovely people to do exactly the same! This could be in the link up below with your own post of who you are loving, a comment on this post. Maybe a mention on Twitter or Instagram, using the #bloglovetuesday. The possibilities are endless! So, without further ado, let me introduce my first #bloglovetuesday!

  April Todd from Hello April.

April, is a lovely, gorgeous lady! You can find her small place of internet space not only on her blog, Hello April, but also on Youtube. Both these sites cover everything from lifestyle, beauty or fashion. My favourite posts include April's recent trip to IKEA (that cactus is so so cute) and also her amazing find for banishing flat hair! April's posts are really lovely to read with a fun attitude. So go give April a follow on Twitter and her blog, you will not regret it. You may be lucky to get sent a photo of a hamster in a Santa's outfit. Yeah, you heard me! April, keep up the amazing work. You have achieved so much, since rebranding in November!

Let's push the hate aside and share the love :)


 *if this is someone else's brainchild, then I do apologise for taking it without knowing!

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