Weekly Wishes #2

Monday, 22 December 2014


It's that time of the week again, were I set myself goals to remind myself on what I need to get done!

If you don't know about The Weekly Wishes link-up, then you can find it here!

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Last Week's Weekly Wishes:

1) Buy few more gifts for Christmas - Done! My last gift arrived last Wednesday and they are all wrapped and waiting under the tree! :)

2) Send off some gifts - You can see the gift I sent off to Lola over here!

3) Pack for a weekend away in Southampton - Well, it wasn't a weekend away (no idea why I wrote that!) I was there for the night, and obviously this goal was completed!

Whoo so that's three goals all complete, now onto this weeks!

This Week's Weekly Wishes:

1) Schedule some Blog posts - I read somewhere that some bloggers prefer having a stint of writing and scheduling than writing every night! Is this something you do? I may just give this a go, but in the past I have had trouble scheduling posts and found that they have never gone up! :(

2) Go Out! - This may seem like a silly goal, but I have my reasons. While I was working in Hospitality, I would work during the sociable hours and never have time to go out and enjoy myself. Also my anxiety has played a huge part of this.
I have two full weeks off work, during the Christmas period, and I want to meet up with some old friends :)

I think I will stick to two wishes this week, I want to enjoy all the Christmas celebrations, as again this is the second Christmas I've not worked! (First time I booked it off work, and came down with a case of flu! :( )

Until next week, wish me luck!

Becky x

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