28 Day Water Challenge

Thursday, 29 January 2015

On the 1st January, I , along with others, decided to take part in the 28 day water challenge.
If you are unaware of what it entails, then check out my post here. 

The original plan was to post a weekly update to show the difference. This was a massive fail as I just kept forgetting or something would crop up which had more importance. 

What I have kept to was to post at the end of the 28 days. 

Drinking 3 litres of water a day honestly did not seem that hard at the beginning.  However, when you cut out the amount of tea you drink and just limit yourself to water, thats another story. 
The first two weeks I felt awful in that I had to force the water down me. 
I planned that if I drank a pint every hour, I would be fine.  Every hour I would down a pint, worst thing to do ever!

I wasn't expecting to see any drastic changes, but my word did I wee a lot more! 
My work colleagues thought there was something wrong with me until I told them what I was doing. 
The bags under my eyes became less noticeable. Unfortunately, my dark circles are heireditry and will never disappear.
One change I did notice, no more dry skin!
This is one outcome I am happy with, I have struggled with dry/oily skin and I was told that my skin goes oily as it is it's way of saying it is thirsty! No matter how much moisteriser I put on, it just wouldn't work. 
I was a victim of so many beauty consultants on counters telling me to try this cream or that. When actually, it was all down to drinking more water!

By week three, I was struggling and found I was only drinking 1-2 glasses a day. Headaches were appearing and sometimes never disappearing, and my skin had gone back to it's dry stage :(

Annoyingly, this has carried on over to the last week.

I haven't stopped drinking water completely as I still drink my mountains worth of tea. I will admit that I have at least 1 glass a day and I want to improve this.
I will definitely try and carry on drinking more water a day as I really enjoyed having skin that wasn't flaky etc. I may just invest in a water bottle to ensure I drink plenty of water a day and keep it on me at all times. 
I feel that the plastic water bottles you get at super markets (that already have water in them) make the water taste a horrible plastic taste after a few uses. Just me?

Did you join in with the water challenge? How did you do?

See you around,

Becky x

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