Blog Love Tuesday #6

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I know what you are saying;

'How can you possibly beat the last two weeks of fantastic blogs?'
The answer is, I can't. But what I can do is introduce you to a new blog that I have found :)

Each week I will be sharing  with you a blog that I am loving and what to share with you.
Feel free to join in, there are no rules and all you have to do is include this badge so others can join in to!
If you are just having a gander on Twitter, use the #bloglovetuesday while chatting :)

This week's blog is ...

I will be completely honest here. Tanya's blog is one that I've never really sat down and read her posts.
I tend to follow and enjoy Tanya's content on Instagram, especially pictures of her gorgeous children and never really clicked on her blog, until now.
And oh my, I've missed out BIG STYLE!
Tanya gets to the point in her lifestyle posts, especially about budgeting and attending the Mental Health First Aid course.
As well as lifestyle, you will find posts about her family, beauty and fashion. The kids get involved and on the few occasions, you will see posts from one of her daughters.
I can only apologise for not finding her blog sooner, but I am glad I did.

Keep up the good work, I love reading your content and I am now off to read every post you have written :)

You can find Tanya on Twitter, Instagram and over on her blog, Polka dots and cups of tea!

What blogs have you been loving this week, share below :)

See you around,

Becky x

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