Weekly Wishes #6

Monday, 26 January 2015

This week has felt like it has well and truly dragged! Just me?

It is time to update myself on the goals I have achieved this week.
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The Nectar Collective

Last Week's Weekly Wishes: 

1) Write out an invoice - This didn't happen, again. BUT, I have been asked to go an take some more photos so I will incorporate the two invoices into one! 

2) Drink more water - This hasn't been easy at all. I really wanted to get a water bottle that I could keep on my desk,  I have yet to buy one. 

3) Write some new blog content - Yes, this has been accomplished. :)

4) Have a bath - Err no, but I have showered haha. Soon I will use up the LUSH products that are accumulating in my room!

This Week's Weekly Wishes: 

1) Get snapping! - I joined a photography group on Facebook and we were set the challenge of taking photos that resemble what home means to us. I need to upload 4 by this week :)

2) Buy car tax - not exactly a fun goal but it needs doing. Can anyone beat £99 for 6 months?!

3) Film YouTube content - Well, I got the posts up on my blog. Lets try my YouTube channel shall we?

4) Comment on posts and videos more - This is something I use to do, a lot. :)

5) Purchase my pass for The Photography Show in Birmingham for March - Let me know if you are going and on what day! Would be lovely to see you guys! :)

See you around,

Becky x

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