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Friday, 30 January 2015

Have you ever bought a product which you have seen appear on other blogs, instagram pages and youtube videos, only to buy it and be majorly disappointed?

I have and annoyingly I’m not learning from my mistakes. 

As I use to work in a hotel, I was never allowed to paint my nails. Until 2 months ago when I left my job for an office desk.
I jumped at the chance and went out and brought some new nail polish in some colours that I didn’t already have.
I had seen Essie nail polish all over twitter and many blogs raving about the colours and quality.

Previously, when I chose nail varnish, I have been playing it safe and buying Nails Inc. I love their colours, the packaging and the quality. And I'm quite happy to spend £11 on one colour, knowing I won't be disappointed.

As I walked into Boots, I stopped at the Essie section and picked up three colours. 
Mint Candy Apple, which is a light mint colour. Chinchilla, this is my favourite colour out of the three and I have received a lot of compliments about it and A-List, this is the most popular and I have seen it being used by probably everyone that I know.

Mint Candy Apple


Chinchilly; after a shower

The price for each bottle is reasonable £7 and at the time I believe there was a deal going on.

When applying the nail varnish I found that the Chinchilly needed 6 coats until my nail was covered and the A-List was a lot brighter than the colour in the bottle, while the Mint Candy Apple was fine. 

What disappointed me was how long they each lasted. Now I may of been silly and commenced a beauty faux pas and please let me know if I did. 
But after having the nail polish on for an hour, you expect it to stay on your nails and not remove itself when in the shower..
With in seconds the polish started peeling from my nails and I came out finding it in my hair.. not nice!

originally put this down to the polish being fresh on my nails and re-applied the colour. However, it happened again a day later!
Soon I realised that it happened with all three colours!

This won’t be a brand I will be returning to in a hurry, however the colours are gorgeous and having them in my drawer means I can grab hold of them whenever the 'peeled' look comes in fashion.== 
I have never had this problem with Nails Inc. 

Has anyone else had this problem? Did I do something wrong, or maybe there is something I can do to prevent the nail polish from peeling in hot water? Let me know in the comment section :)

Until next time, 


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